Without understanding if Facebook can grow your business, you’re wasting precious time. That makes this an important question to start with.

Here are the primary benefits of a Facebook Business Page:

  • Traffic – Having a strong, engaged base of Facebook fans correlates with an increase in website traffic referrals from Facebook.
  • Email list growth – Since marketing via your Facebook Business Page is best thought of as “demand generation” and not lead generation (since you’re not initially looking for a direct bottom line response), it’s easy to funnel your fans from Facebook to landing page offers that result in more email signups.
  • Leads – After you’ve established a Facebook fanbase via your page, you can post offers occasionally that will result in a direct response. These include purchases or a consultation request. That said, those direct offers will be less effective than indirect offers (such as offering a free e-course or downloadable report). That’s because indirect offers give you a better opportunity to educate and warm up prospects.

Think about it like a step-based process. You’re moving people from lower levels of knowledge and engagement into higher and higher tiers until they become a customer.

  • Sales – Sales are directly tied to the leads you produce. An increase in leads often means an increase in sales as well. For B2C companies where the purchase size is smaller than B2B companies, these companies can make sales offers directly to their Facebook fans.

In this scenario, a growing Facebook Business Page often correlates with a rise in sales. B2B companies can accomplish the same, but they need a longer-term approach.

So to answer the question, Facebook Business Page can grow your business, whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer or a startup entrepreneur, any and all of the above results are desirable.

With that in mind, Excedrive Solutions knows the art and science of Facebook marketing. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery. Excedrive will keep you up to date on the impact to your business at every step, so you see results from day one. If you are ready to rise up on the internet, call/text: 0995-430-4257 or email us at business[@]excedrive.com and let’s ignite your growth together!

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