Is it or it is not? Microsoft announced a new Windows event this coming June 24th on Twitter, where the software giant is expected to reveal a major new release, although we’re not sure if it’s going to be a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11 because Microsoft made it clear in 2015 that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows.

On May 25, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella teased a “next generation” of Windows in his keynote speech at Microsoft Build. He promised that Microsoft would share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade.

Excedrive Solutions went scooping on leading technology news websites for hints about the major release, and from what we’ve gathered, it is possibly related to the update, reportedly code-named “Sun Valley”. The update could bring a redesigned Start menu, Action Center, File Explorer and Taskbar, with a modern look and new features as reported from Windows Central.

The NextWeb website added that the release could include overhauling the current Microsoft app store which they said is “to bring more apps and games and make it easier to find”, which we in Excedrive Solutions assumed is related to the same keynote speech that Nadella has promised, “to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.“, that is developers might be able to submit different types of apps, including browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Another possibility as speculated from Forbes is that Microsoft delivers a cloud-based version of Windows, where a Windows desktop is streamed over the internet.

For now, everything will be speculations that will be confirmed only when we get on June 24th, the day Microsoft formally announces the update.

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