Get the digital marketing services to lock down votes, to raise money and to win your campaign.

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Excedrive Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency. We have the experience, know-how, and skills to plan and manage your digital campaign. Successful political campaigns result in a big win or a big give mostly because they reach the right audience with the right message.

Major Benefits of Political Digital Marketing


Whether its building you a custom website or advertising we provide your political campaign with  more exposure with ad placements on the top publishing platforms such as Google and Facebook. 


We laser target your potential voters to give you the best outcome. We use data and our experience running digital marketing campaigns. 


We measure and analyze before and during our digital marketing campaigns for effectiveness. This ensures our clients the best return on investment (ROI)


Digital marketing levels the playing field. Advertisers can compete with much bigger brands nationally with strategic campaign bidding.

Why Excedrive?


We've been in business since 2018. Our experience means we deliver efficiency, speed, accuracy, and sophistication to your campaign.


All your information at your fingertips in one place. It's that simple.


No two campaigns are alike. We implement a unique strategy suited specifically for your needs.


We don't operate in days or weeks. We operate in minutes and hours. Politics moves fast and so do we.

Our Process


Define Strategy

identify obstacles and find path to victory through polling and social listening.


Identify Targets

using proprietary data and deep analysis of persuadble individuals within defined geographic regions.


Produce Ads

tailored specifically for target audiences across all platforms including email.


Analyze Results

and all activity in real-time so that ads can be optimized and strategy refined.


Distribute Content

to the devices, platforms, platforms and channels of each individual within our target audience.

Services Included

Digital Consulting
Web Design
Data Management
Site Maintenance
Social Media Management
Email Marketing
Google Advertising
Video Production
Branding & Graphic Design

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Get the digital marketing services to down votes, to raise money and to win your campaign!